how to make soundproof room

choiceone How to soundproof a room? Unless you live in a tree-lined house and away from neighbors, it can be difficult to have a quiet time. Especially in town and in the suburbs! Whether you are skilled with your hands or not at all, here are some ideas for soundproofing

subwoofer where to place

choiceone How to properly place the soundbar and subwoofer? After exhausting research we finally reach the purchase of the most preforming soundbar and subwoofer, but once we arrive at home we wonder what their optimal position can be to enjoy an impeccable audio experience. The question is legitimate, also because

how to write book titles

choiceone How to find the right title for your book: the practical guide You have finally finished writing your book. After months and months of effort, the time has come to choose the right title and this is a task that is up to you if you choose to publish

how to stop condensation from windows

choiceone 10 tips against condensation on windows How to avoid condensation on windows? When there is suddenly too much humidity in the house, it is quite normal for condensation to form on the windows. Although the fogging on the windows is not very serious, it is still annoying, especially during

which country best for living

choiceone The 10 countries where to move to live better and (maybe) make a fortune If you plan to change your life , you can start all over again from a simple plane ticket . Away from this country, beautiful, indeed beautiful, but which is full of problems and offers

how to choose engagement ring

choiceone Engagement rings: guide to choosing 10 rules to follow to choose and buy the engagement ring. The choice of the engagement ring to give away must be made very carefully by the future groom.Where possible, the fiancé can opt for a family jewel, which therefore will also have an