how to make soundproof room

choiceone How to soundproof a room? Unless you live in a tree-lined house and away from neighbors, it can be difficult to have a quiet time. Especially in town and in the suburbs! Whether you are skilled with your hands or not at all, here are some ideas for soundproofing

subwoofer where to place

choiceone How to properly place the soundbar and subwoofer? After exhausting research we finally reach the purchase of the most preforming soundbar and subwoofer, but once we arrive at home we wonder what their optimal position can be to enjoy an impeccable audio experience. The question is legitimate, also because

how to stay young

choiceone 5 habits to stay young for a long time Regular physical activity and a correct diet are important but not enough: you must also be positive and capable of cultivating solid relationships. Here are some good habits to combat aging, in light of the latest scientific discoveries. In particular

how does a air fryer work

choiceone Air fryer, how it works Air fryer: how it works, user experiences and expert opinions. Information for those who are undecided about the purchase of a hot air fryer. The hot air fryer , also commonly called oil-free fryer , allows the “frying” of food by taking advantage of

how to make tree swing

choiceone How to build a tree swing If you have a beautiful garden with a big tree, then you can’t miss a swing! If you have children, they have certainly been asking you for some time. Just a simple tablet of wood with a couple of ropes to pass an

how often can you donate blood

choiceone How often can blood be donated? Most living beings on earth exist thanks to the circulatory system that carries an essential liquid for life itself: blood . Thanks to it, in fact, the body’s cells are nourished but above all oxygenated, allowing their normal reproductive cycle. In humans, the

how to make your voice deep

choiceone 3 tricks to have a deep voice Most of the time, the way we communicate our ideas is more important than the ideas themselves. During our interactions with others, we express our thoughts, feelings and ideas through words. Our vocal timbre, rhythm, tone and volume influence the perception of