How to choose the exterior color of the house

Color of the house

The external color of the houses represents a strong characterization of the building itself in terms of prestige and, therefore, of identification with the existing surroundings: the shades used in the external painting of the house refer both to the socio-cultural conditions of the place and to the characteristics of the building itself.

Consider, as an example, how much easier it is to find a fresco or a particular wall decoration, in the stately buildings of the historic centers, rather than in the peasant houses of the rural villages.

Coloring an entire house or a single facade is a seemingly easy activity.
The reality is different from the color swatch provided: numerous factors come into play: the external light , the volume , the shadows …

Choice of the exterior color of the house

The choice of color and type of painting must be assessed by going beyond the personal taste .

The color choice must be made based on the characteristics of the building and the context in which the building itself is inserted.

For example, houses in Northern Europe frequently have rather strong hues such as blue, red and brown, while Mediterranean houses have very light hues, almost always tending to white.

It is therefore a matter of evaluating the type of building (shape and volumes), its location , and the relationship between building and landscape .

In addition, an assessment must be made on the historicity of the building , and a chromatic assessment of all the surfaces that make up the external volume (walls, windows, roofing, gutter and downspout channels, window sills, grates or other elements present): what color are the windows?

And the windowsills? Would these hues clash with the color of the wall you had assumed?

To make the right color choice, after evaluating a rose of colors based on the indications of the Color Plan, a suggestion is to try to spread the chosen color, or the different colors to choose, on a chipboard panel with a surface of at least 1 , 00 mx 1.00 m, resting them on the facade, in order to evaluate the composition as a whole.

Properties and types of exterior paints

The properties to consider before buying the right color are waterproofing , breathability and resistance . A good quality paint is able to provide protection resistant to atmospheric agents, dirt and pollution. Starting from the principle that every building breathes, in addition to breathability, the absence of harmful substances for the environment is positively assessed by the market .

There are different types of exterior paints can evaluate: quartz paints , paints siloxane , silicate paints , lime-based paints ,elastomeric paints and paints for cement . In addition, there are also colored plasters , between 0.5 and 1.5 mm thick, whose subdivision reproduces that of the paints (quartz, siloxane, silicates, lime and elastomeric) and the material coatings , products that are applied on a wall surface for decorative and protective purposes, having a thickness greater than that obtained in normal painting with the use of various paints. Even for the coatings, the division is made on the basis of the classification already adopted for the paints (quartz, siloxane, silicate, lime and elastomeric).

Some tips for painting the exterior of the house

Remember that the best times to carry out a painting are those of spring and autumn avoiding temperatures below 5 ° C, avoiding rainy or windy days.

As well as rain and wind, the sun could also create problems if the wall to be treated is directly exposed to its rays: in fact, it is good to avoid painting the wall when the latter is exposed to the sun.

The wall facing west will be painted in the morning, the wall facing north in the late morning, the wall facing east in the early afternoon and the wall facing south will be painted in the evening.

The first operation to be carried out before moving on to painting will be an energetic brushingto remove parts in partial detachment, impurities and old yielding paints . In this way it will also be possible to find out what the previous coatings were and if appropriate, propose them again.

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