Engagement rings: guide to choosing

10 rules to follow to choose and buy the engagement ring.

The choice of the engagement ring to give away must be made very carefully by the future groom.
Where possible, the fiancé can opt for a family jewel, which therefore will also have an emotional value. In the event that the ring should instead be bought, we give you the 10 rules to follow to make a good purchase.

1. Set a budget . When a boyfriend goes to buy an engagement ring, jewelers often implicitly influence it on the fact that the bigger the diamond, the bigger the love for the future bride: it will therefore be much better that you have reckoned in your pocket before to enter the shop. The brilliant industry, together with the wedding etiquette , has created as a rule that of spending an amount equivalent to about two months of your salary … we suggest you follow your heart, but above all your wallet!

2. Be careful of your girlfriend’s style. The moment you set foot in a jewelry store (… which is rare for men!) You will be faced with an almost infinite choice of engagement rings: white gold, yellow gold, pink gold, platinum, simple, with elaborate workings , with one brilliant, three brilliants, a row of diamonds, with a modern, ancient, traditional workmanship etc. It will therefore be necessary that, the days before your purchase, you have paid attention to the types of jewelry that your future bride wears daily. For example, if you wear silver, you will certainly like a white gold or platinum engagement ring, if you like elaborate designs, you will probably like a gold filigree ring, if you wear very few jewels, your choice will probably have to fall on a simple and traditional solitaire. But above all, be attentive to the messages that your fiancée sends you: on which jewels his attention falls by looking at the window of a jewelery shop, if he appreciates a friend on the ring just received by her boyfriend, etc. Do not underestimate the size of the ring finger of the left hand of your future bride: the size of the ring ofengagement is not chosen “by eye”, but you find a way to steal for example a ring that your she has not used for a long time or to ask the future mother-in-law to do it for you. Finally, to understand the tastes of your fiancée well, let yourself be told how she dreams of her wedding ring … she will be happy to tell you about it!

3. Choose the stone without rim . While generally jewelers will present you with a large number of rings already mounted, our advice is to choose and buy the stone separately, without setting. You will surely have great savings and you will also have the opportunity to see and appreciate the bare stone with all the precision tools, as well as being able to choose the shape of the gem. If the choice falls on the diamond, the fundamental characteristics to determine its value are only the so-called “4C”, that is: the weight (Carat) expressed in Carats (1 carat = 0.2 grams), the color (Color), the cut (Cut) and purity(Clarity) whereby a diamond is free of imperfections if, after a 10-magnification examination by a qualified person under normal lighting conditions, it was found free of “inclusions” or internal characteristics. If you have a not very high budget, the advice is to prefer color and cut to purity: in fact, most inclusions will not be visible to your eye even with the jeweler’s precision tools!

4. Choose the frame . Once you have chosen the stone, you can dedicate yourself to the setting, however following the indications of point 2). You can choose a simple solitaire, or you can add a filigree work, or some stones around the main gem; you can have the stone mounted in yellow, white, red, platinum or even titanium.

5. Maximize your budget. If your intent is still to give the future bride a very large engagement ring, but the two months of your salary in point 1) are not enough at all, try resorting to trickery. For example, ask for a diamond with a larger upper face size: it will shine less, but it will certainly be bigger. Or, try to ask to see the size in carats immediately smaller than what you wanted (0.75 instead of 1 or 1.75 instead of 2): the difference will be imperceptible in your eyes but substantial for your wallet! Or again, choose a central stone different from the diamond, which will thus make the engagement ring very large, however flanked by two small brilliants.

6. Be accompanied . In order not to be shipwrecked in the sea of ​​jewels and diamonds that will appear in front of you, do not go to the jewelery shop alone, but be accompanied by someone who will be able to advise you well. For example, you could bring the mother of the future bride, or sister, or her best friend with you. However, if you fear that they may miss something and therefore spoil your surprise, be accompanied by your mother or sister. In all cases, however, the choice of the engagement ring will be an excellent opportunity to weld family ties.

7. Pay attention to the certificates . The certificate of authenticity of the engagement ring that you are going to buy, especially for the diamond, is of fundamental importance. The certificate must certainly include the enhancement for the chosen stone of the fundamental parameters for a diamond, the “4C”: the certification therefore of its size, expressed in carats, its color (from D to Z) and its purity.

8. Choose a trusted jeweler . Ask friends and family for suggestions and always check that the guarantee certificate is issued, especially on stones. Also check in advance the conditions for the right of withdrawal and the possibility of a change, in the event that the chosen engagement ring is not totally appreciated.

9. Plan your purchase in advance . In fact, you will not always leave the jewelry with the ring in your hand: it will be necessary to adapt it, for example, to the size of your beloved’s finger. If you then choose the stone separately and then mount it according to your idea or design, consider very long processing times. So if you are planning to make your wedding vows on a specific date, move ahead.

10. Consider bringing the future bride with you . This will certainly cancel the surprise effect, but you will certainly go without fail! Many couples prefer to go together to choose the engagement ring, especially in the case of a very demanding woman!

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