How to soundproof a room?

Unless you live in a tree-lined house and away from neighbors, it can be difficult to have a quiet time. Especially in town and in the suburbs! Whether you are skilled with your hands or not at all, here are some ideas for soundproofing a room.

Soundproof without doing major work:

1- Apply sealant

All sounds travel at breakneck speed and become embedded in all possible cavities to reach your eardrums. That is why it is so difficult to cut them completely. One solution is to use acoustic sealant in the form of silicone to seal spaces. Apply around windows, switches, door frames, moldings and light fixture bases on the ceiling, but also in all cracks. Even in spaces that seem too small to let the sound through. It is better too much than not enough.

2- Decorate with absorbent fabric

Textiles have a role to play. The thicker, softer and more textured they are, the more they will be able to absorb the vibrations that come into the room. For example, you could cover your windows with thick curtains, from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. Install a carpet over the entire floor area or simply put a cozy rug at the foot of the bed. Or, cover the couches with dozens of large cushions. In addition to being pretty, these decor ideas will help reduce sounds outside the room.

3- Cover the walls

To block the sounds, nothing better than putting obstacles. One of the easiest things to do is cover the walls. How? ‘Or’ What? It could be with frames, shelves or wall decorations. Don’t be afraid to put it on! Besides, it’s a design trend this year. You could also install a bookcase (or several!) Along a wall, and garnish it with books and decorations of all kinds. Some people even pad the door or wall with fabric, foam and buttons. Which gives a chic effect … and soundproofing!

4- Remove the furniture from the walls

Furniture such as couches, beds or dressers are conductors of vibrations. Thus, they help the noise to diffuse in the room. The same goes for large appliances. Make sure they don’t touch the walls at all.

Soundproof by launching into the renovations:

5- Install acoustic panels

The acoustic panels are specially designed to absorb sound. Most are also treated to resist fire. They are installed between the drywall of the walls, which requires their opening. It is therefore not a harmless renovation! There are in all price ranges. Usually, the more you spend, the more effective they will be.

6- Make a double wall

Covering an existing wall with drywall is generally a less expensive option than installing acoustic panels. And they can do a good job of absorbing sound vibrations. We buy them in the form of gypsum panels that we can paint, which is the most affordable option. You can also create this double wall with bricks or by adding textured panels. These are very fashionable and there is something for everyone!

7- Install a false ceiling

Many people living in apartments or condos hate hearing the people who live above them. And it is not always an option to ask them to walk around in slippers. In this case, you have to take great measures: install a false ceiling. It is a question of creating a ceiling under the first by leaving a space between each one. Thus, the clearance created will serve as a sound absorber. By going to a hardware store, you will find everything you need to create it. There is however a disadvantage: the false ceiling will make you lose a few inches of height in the room.

8- Add insulating wool

It is also possible to insulate the walls with acoustic insulation wool. You usually have to bring a professional who will blow it into your walls. There is also the possibility of opening the existing walls and installing it yourself.

9- Change your doors and windows

There are high-end doors and windows that can reduce outside sounds by several decibels. They are made with dense and heavy materials. These products are not given, but sometimes, peace of mind is priceless!

Hope you find these tips useful. and allow you to fully enjoy your home. Peace be with you!

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