How to properly place the soundbar and subwoofer? After exhausting research we finally reach the purchase of the most preforming soundbar and subwoofer, but once we arrive at home we wonder what their optimal position can be to enjoy an impeccable audio experience.

The question is legitimate, also because the sales assistants, as well as the manuals accompanying these products and drawn up by the manufacturing companies, do not offer much information about it.

Generally the soundbar should be placed:

  • In the area closest to the TV screen as possible
  • At the foot of the TV, an operation that is not always possible, for reasons of space or because the TV frame proves to be an obstacle
  • On the wall where the TV is located. Not surprisingly, many models are sold together with the kit for wall mounting.

As for the subwoofer, the question gets complicated. Usually it is placed:

  • Next to the TV
  • Rested on the ground
  • Next to the TV stand
  • Even behind a sofa.

Those described are general rules and not definitive and suitable solutions for each individual case.

When it comes to positioning the soundbar and subwoofer, the truth is that there is no rule that applies regardless and that can meet the expectations of every audiophile.

Indeed, risking being mistaken, even high-end soundbars and subwoofers can turn out to be a real flop and function as if they were low-quality products, inadequate in adding power and detail to the sound of the TV.

When it is necessary to find a correct position, a lot depends on the type of equipment purchased, as well as on the size and conditions of the room concerned.

The size, the shape, the presence of furniture, as well as the absence of complements and absorbent elements, such as textiles, sofas or rugs, are further factors that affect the reproduction of sound.

Nowadays the purchase of a soundbar and a subwoofer is absolutely essential, as the latest generation televisions, although of quality, have lost a lot on the audio front.

The ultra-flat design, in fact, is accompanied by increasingly thin integrated speakers that do not offer great performance, thus forcing the end user to integrate with the soundbar and with a subwoofer.

However, at the time of installation, problems arise and not so much for the connection of the cables and the digital audio output, as for the position to choose.

Given these necessary premises, the question of how to position the soundbar and subwoofer could be answered substantially in two ways as regards the soundbar and in three as regards the subwoofer, without any claim to provide exhaustive solutions.

In particular, the soundbar can be mounted on the table or on the wall.

While, the subwoofer can be hung on the wall, put on the floor, under the furniture or on the sofa.

Here’s how to go about each case.

Where To Place The Soundbar?

Having regard to the environment, be it a living room, a living room, a study area, a kitchen or a bedroom where there is a TV, we proceed with the placement of the soundbar.

The first option is to put it in front of the TV, an operation possible if there is a large and stable piece of furniture for both devices.

A central position should be preferred, so that the soundbar remains between the left and right side of the screen.

Therefore, it will be centered in front of the video and often you can use the accessories supplied, such as rubbers and other similar supports.

In fact, some sound bars have non-slip feet, just to facilitate stable positioning and keep the sound bar slightly raised from the support surface.

It is not recommended to mount the soundbar on the back of the TV, to avoid that the sound is perceived as if the channels were inverted, compromising the quality of the sound diffused from the front.

In these cases it is as if the viewer was hit by inverted sounds, with consequent compromise of purity.

Otherwise, when the TV is mounted on the wall, the special brackets can be used to hang the soundbar, immediately below.

Making sure that the soundbar is positioned so that it does not block your vision, universal kits or those specific for the brand and model of soundbar chosen are used.

Where To Place The Subwoofer?

As for the subwoofer, its performance is directly linked to its correct location in the listening room, as well as to its physical location with respect to the soundbar.

Our hearing does not perceive the directional sounds emitted at low frequencies by the subwoofer.

Reverberations, stationary waves, absorptions that are generated inside the room affect the listening quality.

Consequently, especially those who have audiophile demands, they should carry out tests and comparisons to test the performance of the subwoofer, with particular regard to the bass.

The first possible solution is to place the subwoofer on the floor, with the cone and opening facing downwards.

This solution seems to be the most suitable in the case of bass reflex subwoofers (Here our Guide to Subwoofers) , precisely because these models use the flooring to intensify the low frequencies.

In this case, you can use the support provided, if present, or simply connect the cables.

Alternatively, you can opt for wall mounting, using the brackets.

Generally it would be preferable to choose a corner of the room, to the right or left of the TV, because this would optimize the bass.

In many cases, however, having regard to the listening position, putting the subwoofer on the corner may prove to be an unfortunate choice, as this could increase the destructive effect of standing waves.

In addition, at certain frequencies, bass quality would also be affected.

To overcome these advantages, the subwoofer could be moved to the same level as the soundbar, trying also behind the listening position, in order to generate optimal sound integration.

It should be considered that the wireless distance between soundbar and subwoofer should not exceed 15 meters.

Another possibility is to put the subwoofer under the furniture, even without accessories and feet.

An ideal place is under the sofa or bed.

It should be kept at a sufficient distance from any medium and high speakers, to prevent the channels, although distinct, from generating a real sound chaos.

In short, subwoofers are not all the same and behave differently with standing waves.

The user will have to try, experiment and try to understand with his own ear if the sound result is satisfying or not.

Several listening tests may be needed, placing the diver in different places, so as to catch the differences and undertake the necessary corrections.

Some even have a wooden stand built by hand, on which to lay the subwoofer, declaring to obtain high fidelity results.

In conclusion, while the soundbar does not require special precautions, the diver wants more attention and cannot be generalized by setting a perfect position a priori.

During the listening tests, the subwoofer, temporarily placed, will have to reproduce the sound with a strong bass content.

It will be moved, according to the positions described, until the optimal location, that is, the one offering the best bass performance, is determined.


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