The 10 countries where to move to live better and (maybe) make a fortune

If you plan to change your life , you can start all over again from a simple plane ticket . Away from this country, beautiful, indeed beautiful, but which is full of problems and offers few opportunities.

Young people looking for new career opportunities , retirees who want to live big with the ‘minimum’ , families who want to give their children an opportunity or small entrepreneurs who try to broaden their horizons.

1. Australia

The new America is Australia, there is no doubt. A continent to be conquered, with a solid economy and medium-high wages that allow a good standard of living. Australia still lacks many professional figures, many services that are now obvious to us, but at the same time it is a modern and avant-garde country. In short, there is still space for those who want to work or open a business (Italian restaurants are always well-liked). There is also room for those who want to escape from the West to do nothing. Of course , English doesn’t have to be a problem , unless you want to do the dishwasher.

2. Germany

Needless to say, it is the country with the strongest economy in Europe . But it is also a country that has been able to offer (and still offers) many opportunities to young people, leaving them room for resourcefulness. Berlin in particular, where the cost of living is still quite low compared to our big cities, attracts thousands of young people every year. This city has been able to combine efficiency and savoir vivre in the best possible way: you work yes, but then you spend your free time among pachi, beer gardens, museums and trendy night clubs. And so it is also in other German cities. The Eures The job of my life project helps talks between German companies and Italian graduates. The biggest problem is speaking German .

3. Qatar

Qatar has taken the place of Dubai which a few years ago looked like the Eldorado of work. All who left their permanent positions in search of new and incredible opportunities. Here too there is a hunger for qualified professionals and companies are willing to pay them gold. Contrary to what had happened in Dubai, however, Qatar seems to have a more positive and encouraging economic future. Earnings from self-employment are not taxed. Talks are already taking place for the 2022 football World Cup and many professions are being sought. Dohait is an ultramodern city where entertainment is plentiful, the only drawback is the heat and clothing always appropriate to a Muslim country. The advice, before moving permanently, is to visit the city as a tourist , making you tell, by those who live there, pros and cons.

4. Thailand

In all the rankings where you live better (it is called ‘the country of the smile’), Thailand offers fabulous beaches and a dream sea, warm climate all year round (apart from the rainy season), but also one of the most active metropolises in the world: Bangkok . In the country you live with the minimum union: 8-900 euros per month. A house costs around € 300 per month, you can eat with € 4 and so on. There are many job opportunities for foreigners, especially in the tourism sector. But you don’t even struggle to open your own business. If you are retired then you are truly in paradise. Attention only to hygiene and the health system.

5. Poland

Many Poles come to Italy to work, so it is not easy to believe that you can live well there too. Poland’s economy, on the other hand, feels no crisis thanks to its high growth rate and spirit of innovation. Specialized professionals are well liked and the fixed rate flat tax rewards entrepreneurial initiative and simplifies bureaucracy. Everyone speaks English , so you don’t need to know the language very well. The cost of living is very low and cities like Krakow and Warsaw are full of life.

6. Singapore

We find it at the top of many world rankings : quality of life, safety, cleanliness etc. Its economy is light years away from that of other South East Asian countries. It is the ideal destination for those who are competitive, for nerds and for those with many educational qualifications. This City-State never sleeps and whoever sleeps here more than elsewhere does not catch fish. The only problem is arriving without a job: you can only move if called by a company that has offices here. Start browsing the list of companies based in Singapore and contact them. Among polo clubs, starred restaurants and panoramic swimming pools here you live like nabobs.

7. Canada

The best country in terms of quality of life , nature and hospitality. In some ways even better than the United States, given that there are many more job opportunities here without the nightmare of the Green Card. Many Italians have chosen to live there in the last century: the community has a million and a half of Italian-Canadians . Toronto is one of the most multi-ethnic and modern cities. Montreal is rich in culture. It is the ideal place to raise your children. For an international agreement with Italy, work-holiday contracts ( International Experience Canada ) are stipulated for Italians under 35 for six months. In addition, the Start-up Visa Programhelps start a business. The only problem for Italians is the very cold climate.

8. England

London is positioned even earlier in Europe among the cities where you want to move after the age of 18. Although, due to Brexit , the years of yuppies and investment banks that hired all the recent graduates in Economics and commerce are over, there are still opportunities. The most sought after figures are in the medical field, in soles and in research laboratories. Cosmopolitan, lively, fun, trendy and with a large Italian community , you feel at home without the negative aspects of Italy. Before leaving, however, some factors must be taken into account: the cost of living, especially for the home and entertainment, and the English language, which must be perfect .

9. Norway

It is the European country where people live best . A stable economy, the demand for professionals, business freedom and high wages mean that it ranks first among the countries most appreciated by the so-called ‘ expats ‘, that is, those who are expatriates abroad, especially by women. Furthermore, it is one of the safest countries in Europe and one of the cleanest. The price to pay is the cold and the lack of light. Knowing English is not enough, it also takes a little Norwegian.

10. Panama

Yes, since the year 2000 many Italians have gone to live in Panama. The revival of the Panama Canal is pushing the whole economy of the Central American country. Tourism has also reevaluated it, after discovering that the capital, with its colonial historical center, is splendid and offers tropical seaside resorts such as the San Blas archipelago . The climate is excellent, people are jovial. Italians can obtain residence and work permits easily, few taxes and bureaucracy. So much competition. Why not in Italy?


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